Trigger control is the act of manipulating the trigger to fire the gun without disturbing your sight alignment. A pistol shooter may become frustrated if shots are always slightly off-center, so one place to troubleshoot is your trigger press. You

Your grip should allow you to point the weapon naturally at the target. What you don’t want is to waste time looking for and then aligning the sights. In a gunfight, a fraction of a second can mean the difference

When a situation starts to unfold that directly or indirectly puts you in harm’s way, it is up to you on the best course of action for a response. Proper training and an understanding of the 3 Tier Self Defense

When it comes to firearm proficiency, there is no substitute for practice. This doesn’t mean clacking off rounds mindlessly, we are talking about practicing structured training exercises. Taking the time to prepare for practice days at the range is the first

There are more Americans choosing to conceal carry than ever before, and that number is rising. Will you be one of them? If so, will you be one of the responsible ones? A firearm is a weapon used for the

Knowing you State’s laws on concealed handgun permit training is your responsibility. This is not something in which you can plea ignorance. Carrying a concealed weapon can lead to serious charges and jail time if the laws are not followed.

Good an interesting article yesterday and thought I'd share it with you. A couple of things stand out to me.The first is who called 911 and who did not.Second, we have to be careful about how we present ourselves.

It’s amazing to me that anyone would attend a concealed carry class taught by a hobbyist! What do I mean by that? All that’s required to teach a Louisiana conceal carry course is that the instructor passed the NRA Basic

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You’re walking out of Walmart reading a text from your wife when a guy wearing a mask starts to approach you with a knife in his hand, what will you do? That’s the question isn’t it? The pat answer is…I’ll

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