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Find The Right CHP Instructor — Learn How To Safely & Effectively
Use Your Firearm — Know What To Do In a Hostile Situation So You…

Don’t End Up Dead Or In Prison While Protecting Your Family


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If you’ve been paying attention to the news lately, then you already know that incidents of violent crime are on the rise.

And if you’re not already concerned… you should be!

You may have heard stories about the Uber driver, a concealed carry permit holder, who took down a gunman who opened fire on a crowd of people in Chicago…

Or the usher in a Tennessee church, who managed to prevent further bloodshed, by stopping the masked shooter who killed one woman and injured six others…

You’ve probably thought to yourself, “what if something like that happened to me?”

If you’re reading this, then you already are ahead of the crowd in protecting yourself and your family — and you’re probably already contemplating getting a concealed carry permit.

Am I right?

But that’s not enough.

You see there is a bigger problem at play here.

Most people who think they are proficient at firing a gun, couldn’t hit a human sized target at 50 yards!

Shooting your pistol once every 6 months and hitting a target at 15 yards does not make you proficient. And most people don’t even know how to load/unload or discharge their firearms correctly.

Which is why we have incidents of cops shooting themselves in the legs, firemen shooting holes in a fire stations…


Sounds crazy right?

God’s honest truth….

Which is why you need to make sure you do your homework when it comes to which CHP course you pick. If you are going to spend a day training so you can be prepared and protect your family.

You want to know you’re being taught by an expert, right?

Did you know that all someone needs to do to get their CHP training license in the state of Louisiana is to:

  • Pass the NRA Basic Pistol Instructor Course
  • Submit a basic (and I mean very BASIC) lesson plan to the state

That’s it, someone with no experience and minimal training can be certified to train you in concealed carry. That’s crazy, isn’t it?

Might explain how a certified instructor managed to shoot a student by accident.

When in a real life-threatening situation, where you’re required to use lethal force, do you think the hobbyist instructor is going to have a clue about what it takes to maintain composure in a high-pressure situation?

It’s one thing to shoot at a stationary target —
it’s another thing when it’s coming at you
and your heart rate jumps to 180 bpm.

You start losing your fine motor skills, your hands start shaking uncontrollably from all the adrenaline pumping through your veins while your legs feel like they are turning to jelly.

Everything starts getting quieter around you as you start experiencing auditory exclusion, instead of hearing a sort of ringing in your ears drowning out everything but your thoughts.

Your peripheral vision closes in as you start to experience tunnel vision all while you are trying to deal with a high stress, life-threatening situation…

Sounds scary doesn’t it?

Most instructors won’t even talk about this because they’ve never had to shoot someone in their life.

This has to be one of the most important pieces of knowledge an instructor can impart to their students.

Because if you’re unprepared, in the heat of the moment, you could end up shooting an innocent bystander, which could leave you with a criminal negligence charge or even prison time.

Or worse yet, getting shot yourself, even… KILLED!

You can’t protect your family from the grave….

I don’t want you to become another statistic….

Which is why it’s important you know exactly what to look out for when selecting the right Instructor to teach you your CHP certification — so you can be prepared for real-world violent situations.

It’s why you want someone with experience who isn’t just talking theory, but real life practical know-how and application. Somebody who has had genuine experience in a shoot to kill situations and has come out of it alive to tell the tale.

Wouldn’t you want to be trained by someone with real-world live-fire experience?

So how do you know that the CHP course you are looking into is going to teach you the necessary skills you need?

What You Need To Know To Stay Alive And Protect Yourself Legally In Louisiana

6 Critical Things You Need To Be Aware Of When Selecting A Concealed Carry Course

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A BIG problem with the CHP certification is that a lot of people are looking for a certification just so they can carry a gun.

What people like you are not being taught is what they need to know about their legal responsibilities and EXACTLY what they will need to deal with if they have to shoot someone.

Many inexperienced and hobbyist instructors will often provide vague interpretations of the law that are either inaccurate or just completely WRONG!

Which could lead to you breaking the law and getting into some serious trouble with the police.

Ignorance of the law is not a defense for breaking the law. If you break the law and don’t know your rights when you defend yourself with a firearm — you could end up in jail.

Wouldn’t that be a terrible ordeal to put yourself and your family through?

A CHP instructor who is qualified to prepare you for real-world violent situationswill have the experience and knowledge to provide you with accurate training as well as have the following credentials:

  • The ability to make you feel comfortable and relaxed during training — A good instructor shouldn’t make you feel stupid or inferior and should answer all you questions.
  • Give good quality instruction from experienced professionals (preferable with law enforcement or military background) — Military and law enforcement personnel know first hand what it takes to fire a weapon at another person and can speak from experience in how to handle a dangerous encounter should it arise.
  • Make sure you know how to use your firearm safely and effectively — By making sure you have the right firing technique and take you to a real firing range not Uncle Chuck’s backyard or paddock to fire off a few rounds.
  • Understand and teach you what your legal responsibilities are — so you don’t break the law and end up in prison.
  • Your instructor should be recertified every year — so you know you are getting accurate up-to-date information and advice that can help you out in a real life scenario and make sure you are compliant with the law.
  • Proof of proficiency with a firearm — Because the person who is teaching you good technique must be shooting regularly (having real world experience) in order to correctly coach you, you wouldn’t learn to skydive from someone who’s only done a single jump would you? So why would you learn to shoot from someone who doesn’t shoot regularly?

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You may be asking yourself … “Who are you? And why in the world should I listen to you?”…

Let me introduce myself…

A Military Veteran With 10 Years Active
Service And Who Trains Police Officers
At The Louisiana Law Enforcement Academy

My name is Jeremy Haas – the founder and lead instructor at ARCS Self Defense.

While I don’t like to brag, I think it’s important that you choose your instructor carefully and I want you to know you’re in good hands.

I’m a U.S. combat veteran who’s served multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. I’ve served our country in the Israeli Defense Force before becoming a training officer at the Northwest Louisiana Law Enforcement Academy.

As a certified Louisiana Peace Officer Standards and Training ( P.O.S.T.) Academy Master Instructor and P.O.S.T. Corrections Master Instructor, I specialize in Use of Force Training, Defensive Tactics, Active Shooter Response, and various others segments of law enforcement officer training.

For almost a decade, I’ve been humbled to be one of the few instructors authorized by the State of Louisiana to write and amend the entire state law enforcement officer training curriculum.

I also train and certify every full-time and adjunct instructor for all law enforcement academies in the state of Louisiana. That’s right, I don’t just train the police, but I also train the guys who train the police!

I have countless people like yourselves come to one of my training sessions after having already attended a class from other instructors who only made them look good on paper… not where it mattered.

I’m constantly blown away when I hear stories from new students about how inadequate and inaccurate some of the training and information provided to them is.

I could probably write a book about all the crazy things people told me they “have the right” to do, and where and when they can use their firearm.

I’m a big believer that guns don’t kill people, but people with poor training and poor attitudes kill people — And it’s my mission to fix that.

I want to give you the greatest gift any American can give. The ability to use your second amendment right to protect yourself and your loved ones without getting killed in the process.

Wouldn’t you like to rest easy knowing you can protect your family?

I truly believe it’s every American’s right to protect themselves and their families from harm, which is why I’ve dedicated my life to make sure law abiding citizens like yourself get the right training, understand the laws and how to use your firearm effectively.

Getting Louisiana CHP certified with THE RIGHT COURSE AND INSTRUCTORS is the best way to make sure you’re prepared when things go south.

My job is to make sure you’re not only certified, but you are also prepared, so you don’t get arrested for breaking the law.

Sound Good Doesn’t it?

Don’t Be Fooled By Misleading Information
Which Could Land You In Prison Or Get You
KILLED — Here’s What You Should Be Getting
From A GREAT CHP Course

Avoid becoming a target by getting CHP certified
According to state law, you are within your rights to walk around with an open carry firearm. But in some situations that paints a great big target on your back with flashing lights that says “shoot me first!.” You don’t always want to reveal all your cards, which is why having your concealed carry permit is so important— not to mention, sometimes you have to deal with those folks who are uncomfortable seeing a gun.A concealed carry permit allows you to legally carry a firearm on your person in public, without the need for the bad guys to know you have one.Wouldn’t you feel safer knowing the bad guys have no idea you’re armed?

Learn the difference between the actual law and urban legends about concealed carry
There are a ton of myths and old wives tales that just keep circulating within the community.You’ll learn things like how the “extension of your home” law doesn’t work the way that most people say it does and how to avoid getting locked up because you got it wrong.Learn when you can legally shoot someone in the back — just a hint, no it’s not while they are running away from you.Learn what you absolutely MUST NOT DO if someone is stealing your car or tractor, and how to handle the situation within the bounds of the law..

Learn where you can legally carry your firearm
When can you legally carry a firearm at the airport, and what federal buildings are off limits.Learn how the 2nd Amendment actually works, and when beating your chest about it will get you thrown in a cell and charged with trespass.When can you legally carry a firearm at the airport, and what federal buildings are off limits.Learn how the 2nd Amendment actually works, and when beating your chest about it will get you thrown in a cell and charged with trespass.

Learn about the Psychological aspects of dealing with a dangerous situation
Understanding what “Imminent Danger” really means and how it will help you recognize the difference between empty threats and a life-or-death situation.Learn why 90% of people with CHP permits will freeze in the moment of danger and not do a thing, and how you can prepare yourself to make sure you are not one of them.Learn how prevention is better than cure, and how you can avoid a possible dangerous situation before it has the chance to happen to you.

Learn what to do AFTER an incident
Learn how you can legally protect yourself and your family from harm and what to do once the dust settles, so you don’t land yourself in hot water with the authorities.

Having real-world training from professionals with actual, live combat
experience who work with law enforcement every day, means the
difference in getting a certification that can help protect you and
your family or put your loved ones at serious risk.

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“This was my first shot and grouping to follow using the techniques you taught in class. I’ve never been this accurate. Thanks for the knowledge.”

Kyle Williams, A.R.C.S. CHP course member

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Get Trained By The Guy Who Literally Wrote
The Manual On Law Enforcement Training

Learn His One Simple Trick To Improve Your
Accuracy 100%

At ARCS Self Defence, we pride ourselves on having a team of highly trained professionals who not only talk the talk but walk the walk.

When your instructor has over 28 years of combined training and combat experience it’s hard to compare this level of expertise with other CHP training courses. At ARCS we use examples from real life situations we have actually experienced ourselves to teach you what it takes to be better prepared.

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“When Jeremy talks, everybody listens, he’s had to shoot to kill and been shot himself — which means when he teaches you what you need to do to respond to a dangerous situation you better pay attention, because he’s coming from a place of truth — nothing can beat real world combat experience.”

Jim Banks, Co-Founder and Instructor

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You want to know what’s included in the best training out there?

Here’s what you can expect…

The ARCS CHP One Day Certification Course includes:

  • Training from the guy who trains the police — Feel safe in the knowledge that your instructor is trusted by state law enforcement. His job is to ensure their officers know the laws and get the right training to handle high threat situations — So you can rest assured that you are getting the right information during your training.
  • One-on-one live-fire range training from an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor and law enforcement Master Trainer, who will teach you the critical shooting positions and reloading procedures you need to defend yourself and the people you love — so you can stay in control in the heat of the moment.
  • The one simple trick that can improve your accuracy 100% — Learn the one thing that will help you improve your accuracy so you can hit your target with deadly precision, every time.
  • How to properly clean and care for your handgun — from a State law enforcement P.O.S.T. Academy Master Instructor and military combat veteran. So your tools don’t fail you when things get hairy.
  • When the law says you can rightfully use deadly force to defend yourself — Most instructors avoid talking in-depth about the laws and in what cases you can actually shoot an assailant. We will go through several scenarios and explain when you can use deadly force and when to back down.
  • Where you can and can’t legally carry a concealed firearm — so you always make sure you’re protected by the law.
  • How to lawfully justify your actions in a court of law — so you can make sure you don’t get in trouble by staying informed of your legal rights and responsibilities.
  • All you need to know about use of Deadly Force, Conflict Resolution skills, and Child Access Prevention procedures — so you can protect the people you love at home and in public.
  • A friendly and professional learning experience — with personal attention from a Certified Louisiana Concealed Handgun Permit Instructor who will answer all of your questions without making you feel stupid.
  • Shooting at fully equipped commercial firing range — With state of the art equipment and the highest safety standards. We make sure you can accurately hit a target, so when it comes down to the crunch you don’t have to be so close you can smell the bad guys’ breath to take the shot.
  • Coaching on the right mindset and attitude so you can stay confident and in control — When the adrenaline starts pumping and fear starts kicking in everything gets harder. We’ll teach what you can expect and what it takes to be able to actually point your gun and shoot — so you can better prepare yourself and make sure you stay alive.
  • What you need to do after a shooting takes place — so you comply 100% with the law and keep out of trouble. We spend time in class explaining what you do after an incident and what you definitely don’t do — we cover the stuff that other instructors are either too inexperienced or too scared to talk about.
  • How to deal with gunshot wounds and what you need to do next — We’ll run you through what you need to do to stay alive until the professionals can get there to assist.
  • Information on which 42 states have reciprocal agreements — so you can stay protected even when you’re out of town.

But that’s not all you’re getting with the ARCS CHP Certification. We are also going to throw in some very special bonuses only available to our ARCS family:

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Bonus #1: In-house fingerprinting and checks $35 of value! — Most other places make you go to the local police station to get the fingerprinting and required checks done. We do it on the spot, making sure it’s done right while saving you gas and time.

Bonus #2: Help with the entire application process start to finish — Filling out the application forms can be tricky. Filling out an application form incorrectly can lead to legal complications down the road if you are ever involved in a shooting. Best to get it right the first time and get advice from the pro’s. We hold your hand during the entire process and help you answer those confusing questions quickly and painlessly.

Bonus #3: Lifetime Support as an ARCS Certified Member — If you are a student with us you join our exclusive ARCS club. If an incident occurs we can advise you to take the right steps, making sure you don’t land yourself in any hot water legally speaking. We help you make sure that you stick to the facts and don’t let the emotion control you and affect how you are viewed in a court of law. After all, other than an attorney there is no one more qualified to give you immediate advice on how to handle your situation. You can call, email or Facebook us anytime — We’re there for you just like family.

Bonus #4: 20% Off All Renewals for Members: If you have done the initial CHP training with our team here at ARCS, we give you an automatic 20% discount off any future renewals. We want you to keep coming back and refreshing your knowledge with our experienced team, because we know only the best training will ensure you know what to do in the heat of the moment.

That’s some serious value wouldn’t you agree?

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Here is What Some of our Recent Students
Had to Say About the ARCS CHP Training

[/et_pb_text][et_pb_text admin_label=”testimonial2″ _builder_version=”3.18.2″ custom_margin=”20px||20px|” custom_padding=”20px||20px|” border_color_all=”#c1c1c1″ border_width_bottom=”1″]

Jeffrey loves the support given to new shooters in learning
correct shooting technique

“Amazingly comprehensive CHP class. I was very impressed with his knowledge of the law and the professionalism in which he conducted his class. He also went that extra mile on the range when it came time to qualify, taking time out to work with some of the new shooters in regards to grip and stance. Very reasonable too!”

Jeffrey Dillard, A.R.C.S. CHP course member

[/et_pb_text][et_pb_text admin_label=”testimonial2″ _builder_version=”3.18.2″ custom_margin=”20px||20px|” custom_padding=”20px||20px|” border_color_all=”#c1c1c1″ border_width_bottom=”1″]

Ray learned about handling law enforcement encounters the right way

“Great class. Extremely competent instructors that were adequately detailed and well-versed in their material. An important aspect of their presentation was their ability to communicate the police officer’s perspective when dealing with a concealed-carry permit holder, especially when involved in a shooting and, also, in an encounter at a traffic stop. They present good information that would be valuable to someone who wants to be able to defend themselves in the home but who does not need a concealed handgun permit.”

Ray McKinney, A.R.C.S. CHP course member

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High praise from fellow veteran Dariusz on our tactical instruction

“As a military veteran I had the privilege to be under many great tactical instructors. After attending your class one has to conclude that you are one of the best of the best. You exhibit outstanding level of knowledge and professionalism. You make a lasting impression to desire more of your training. I hope in the future to take more of your classes. Thank you for making your training enjoyable.”

Dariusz Eichler, A.R.C.S. CHP course member

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Cody & Melissa highly recommend the ARCS CHP course

“When I have an experience somewhere, especially a good experience, I believe in letting people know about it. Today was a great experience in the ARCS Louisiana Handgun Permit Training class with Jeremy Haas. He was very knowledgeable and informative of the material and covered every ground that needed to be covered. He went above and beyond to answer every question that was asked of him. This was by far the best CHP I have taken. I highly recommended taking this class with him! Thanks Jeremy!!”

Cody & Melissa Carlisle, A.R.C.S. CHP course member

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What Price Do You Put On Your Personal
Safety And The Lives Of Those Around You?

With all these extras and the exceptionally high level of training we are offering — you’re probably thinking this is going to be expensive right?

If any of our competitors out there were offering the same level of training, they’d probably be charging upwards of $400 dollars for the day!

But we’re not going to charge you $400.

Heck we’re not going to even charge you $200.

[/et_pb_text][et_pb_text admin_label=”only $125″ _builder_version=”3.18.2″ custom_margin=”40px||10px|” custom_padding=”0px||0px|”]

All this is available to you now for the low price of…

only $125

[/et_pb_text][et_pb_text _builder_version=”3.18.2″]

Why only $125?

Because we live in this community with our families and our kids, we want it to be a safer place. It’s our mission to reduce violent crime by fighting ignorance and poor attitudes. By helping to increase the number of properly-trained certified concealed carry permit holders out there, protecting each other, we can rest easy in the knowledge fellow members of the community have our backs.

By making this course affordable and accessible for everyone, we hope we’re reducing the amount of CHP holders who don’t have the training and knowledge they truly need to protect themselves, their loved ones and their community.

I don’t know about you, but I’d feel much safer knowing every single CHP holder in Louisiana had THIS level of training.

[/et_pb_text][et_pb_text admin_label=”GET YOUR CHP CERTIFICATION FOR ONLY $125!” _builder_version=”3.18.2″ custom_margin=”||130px|”]

[/et_pb_text][et_pb_text _builder_version=”3.18.2″]

If you’re still on the fence, I want to do everything I can to help you get this valuable training. So if you book you session right now we’ll also give you an additional 10% discount off the normal price.

That means if you click on the link below and pay within the next 24hrs, you will receive an automatic 10% discount! We won’t be able to offer this special discount for very long, so don’t wait!


[/et_pb_text][et_pb_text admin_label=”GET YOUR CHP CERTIFICATION FOR ONLY $125!” _builder_version=”3.18.2″ custom_margin=”||130px|”]

[/et_pb_text][et_pb_text _builder_version=”3.18.2″]

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer any discounts for veterans or first responders?
Yes we do! We are offering a very special 20% discount of the regular $125 price to our veterans and first responders who sign up for the course. We love supporting our veterans and recognise the sacrifice and service they have done for our country, same goes for any of our first responders.

Just pay online through the link below, and when you come in and show us your credentials, we will refund you the difference from what you’ve paid.

This seems like a crazy low price, are there any hidden fees?
Nope. The price you pay now is the price you pay. Period. There are no hidden fees, the range fees and fingerprinting is all covered.

Why on earth are you charging so little?
Because our goal is to make sure there are more properly trained responsible gun owners out there who carry our CHP certification.

We don’t want people getting the wrong training that can give them the wrong advice and potentially get them killed — all for the sake of $30.

This is how we are giving back to make our state a safer place for all our community members.

Can I reach out to you guys if I get stuck or need help?
Absolutely, that’s what we include in Bonus #3! As far as we’re concerned if you have received your CHP certification through us, then you’re as good as family. You can reach us any time via Phone, Facebook or Email.

This is how we are giving back to make our state a safer place for all our community members.

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