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Louisiana State Certified CHP
and Firearms Training Available
– Guaranteed –

Taught by an experienced law enforcement Master Trainer and
decorated military combat veteran!


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The FBI Reports That Over 1 MILLION Americans Were
The Victims Of Violent Crimes In 2016

You Don’t Have To Be One Of Them!

Armed robbery, carjacking, murder – statistics show that CHP holders are less likely to become victims of these violent attacks.

When seconds count, help is often too far away. Proper training on how to draw your firearm, hit your target, reload, and even deal with weapon malfunctions can mean the difference between life and death in an emergency situation.

It’s equally important to understand your rights and responsibilities when it comes to using deadly force to defend yourself – so you can protect your loved ones while making sure YOU’RE protected in a court of law.


“The time at the range provided ample shooting time with suggestions to improve technique. The instructors were from a military and law enforcement background…this gave the class a good perspective of when, where and how a firearm should be used.

“I had all of my questions answered… the application process was well explained and the fingerprinting was performed on site…The safe use of firearms was always a big part of the course, and included information on different gun types. I am now confident that I now understand what is legally required to carry and use a firearm in a self defense situation.”
– A. Gary Faulk, A.R.C.S. CHP course member

In this hands-on A.R.C.S. CHP Course, chief instructor Jeremy Haas will train you to certificate-of-completion standard – certified by the State of Louisiana.

  • Get one-on-one live-fire range training from an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor and law enforcement Master Trainer, who will teach you the critical shooting positions and reloading procedures you need to defend yourself and the people you love.
  • Learn where you can and can’t legally carry a concealed firearm – so you always make sure you’re protected by the law.
  • Discover when the law says you can rightfully use deadly force to defend yourself.
  • Get informed by one of the few instructors that Louisiana State has authorized to write and amend the entire Louisiana state law enforcement officer training curriculum.
  • Make sure you are informed of your legal rights and responsibilities so you can lawfully justify your actions in a court of law.
  • Get personal attention from a Certified Louisiana Concealed Handgun Permit Instructor who will answer all of your questions.
  • Learn how to clean and care for your handgun from a State law enforcement P.O.S.T. Academy Master Instructor and military combat veteran.
  • Gain comprehensive ammunition knowledge, Deadly Force and Conflict Resolution skills, and Child Access Prevention procedures so you can protect the people you love at home.
  • We’ll walk you through the permit application process step by step, including:
    Notary service
    Paperwork assistance
    Personalized help to apply for and acquire your CHP quickly and easily!

All of these services are included in your course fee at no additional cost to you.

You are guaranteed to receive the most hands-on, in-depth training available to the general public that exceeds all State requirements for CHP holders!

Or your money back!

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“I really enjoyed this course. It was very thorough. In fact, I had another concealed carry course and this one was much more thorough. And it was actually enjoyable! The guys went out of their way to make sure we were comfortable. Anyone that’s hesitant about joining the course – don’t be. These guys are wonderful and I would recommend them at any time.”
– Beverly Hunter, , A.R.C.S. CHP course member

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A.R.C.S. Firearms Training & CHP Course
Is Certified By The State Of Louisiana.

Your instructor, Jeremy Haas is a U.S. combat veteran who served multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He served our country in the Israeli Defense Force before becoming a training officer at the Northwest Louisiana Law Enforcement Academy. As a certified Louisiana P.O.S.T. Academy Master Instructor and P.O.S.T. Corrections Master Instructor, Jeremy specializes in Use of Force Training, Defensive Tactics, Active Shooter Response, and various others segments of law enforcement officer training.

For almost a decade, Haas has been one of the few instructors authorized by the State to write and amend the entire Louisiana state law enforcement officer training curriculum. He trains and certifies every full-time and adjunct instructor for all law enforcement academies in the state of Louisiana.

Jeremy is joined by NRA Certified Pistol Instructor and fellow military combat veteran, Jim Banks. Take advantage of Jim’s 40+ years of shooting experience. Jim also serves as a full-time firefighter/paramedic and shares his experience dealing with various shooting situations, the types of wounds created by handguns, and emergency medical treatment for those types of injuries.

  • Certified by the state of Louisiana and NRA
  • Taught by multi-tour U.S. military combat veterans
  • Same training given to active Louisiana State law enforcement officer

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Guaranteed To Be the Most Thorough
And Hands-On CHP Training In The State Of Louisiana…

…or your money back!

Our instructors are highly sought after trainers and certifiers who are frequently asked to travel throughout the state to train and update the skills of existing law enforcement instructors.

Their time is often valued at $300 /hour or more!

The A.R.C.S. CHP course offers you a rare opportunity to get your CHP certification training – AND – learn from the best of the best. All at a fraction of the regular price.

Your course fees also include:

  • Live fire shooting range fees
  • Fingerprinting services to submit to the state with your application
  • Notary services to officialize CHP application documents
  • One-on-one application assistance to walk you through your CHP application process step by step
  • Over 10 hours of expert instruction and hands-on training from combat veterans and State certified Master Trainers

All of this and more is included in your one-time course fee of

only $125

Courses are available to residence living in: Shreveport, Bossier City and Parish, Haughton, Benton, Minden, Oil City, Bossier and Caddo Parishes.

To make sure all students get the personalized instruction they need, we only have limited spaces available.

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“When I have an experience somewhere, especially a good experience, I believe in letting people know about it. Today was a great experience in the ARCS Louisiana Handgun Permit Training class with Jeremy Haas. He was very knowledgeable and informative of the material and covered every ground that needed to be covered. He went above and beyond to answer every question that was asked of him. This was by far the best CHP I have taken. I highly recommended taking this class with him! Thanks Jeremy!!”
– Cody and Melissa

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Get The Best CHP Training In Louisiana By
Purchasing Now!

PLUS Bonus Access To A.R.C.S. Street Level Survival Tactics Video Training
…(for a limited time only)!

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We also offer courses in continued firearm skills and self-defense training.

All of our training courses offer flexible options – designed for beginner, intermediate or advanced firearm user’s, women’s only classes, church groups, or private training.

Once you complete your course order, all the details you need will be sent to your email inbox.

If for some reason you don’t receive your welcome email – or if you have any questions – please contact us anytime at 318-200-0890 or through our website at arcschp.com

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