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Meets All Louisiana State requirements for your Concealed Handgun Permit

Private CHL Classes

Don’t see a class date that works? Prefer privacy? We can help with our private instruction. Contact us for more information.

Great Deal on Ammo

As part of the AR Rifle/Carbine Fundamentals Training Class you will be firing between 250 to 300 rounds of ammo.

I know ammo can be expensive so I want to hook you up. We have ammo manufactured just for us and want you to have access to it.

100% Guarantee – We are so confident that our ammo will fire every time that we will replace any ammo that doesn’t fire. If you have a problem just give us know.

  • We use the best commercial powder available.
  • Burns Cleaner – less carbon and residue buildup
  • Fires Constantly – better accuracy
  • EVERY round is hand checked to ensure the highest quality.

Last time we checked locally was around $40/100 rounds plus tax.
Because you’re part of this class we can get you 300 rounds for just $100 That will save you $20 plus tax


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