Springdale Home Invasion Prompts School Lockdowns 

By Mary Niederberger / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Two burglary suspects are in the custody of the Allegheny County police after being arrested in connection with a Springdale Borough attempted burglary today.

The incident had Allegheny Valley schools on lockdown for more than an hour.

Springdale Borough police chief Julio Medeiros said his department received a 911 call reporting a home invasion on Ruth Alley around 11 a.m. today, but the incident was actually a burglary being committed by an adult male and a juvenile male while the homeowner was in the house.

The chief said the homeowner was startled but not injured and that a vigilant neighbor confronted the burglars and watched them run to a residence a short distance away in Springdale Township.

Township and Borough police, along with county police, were able to apprehend the suspects at the residence at different times several hours apart. They were both placed in the custody of county police.

Chief Medeiros identified the adult suspect as Allen Arnold, 18, of Springdale Township.

The chief said he recommended placing Acmetomia Primary, Springdale Junior/Senior High School and Colfax Upper Elementary on lock down because of the proximity to the incident and because at one point there was a report that one of the suspects may have had a weapon as he was running away from the scene.

The lock down was lifted around 1 p.m.

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