The 3 Tier Self Defense Decision

When a situation starts to unfold that directly or indirectly puts you in harm’s way, it is up to you on the best course of action for a response. Proper training and an understanding of the 3 Tier Self Defense Decision making process is critical to how you will proceed in an escalating situation.

Understanding The 3 Tier Self Defense Decision Process

The different core tiers of the decision-making process consist of Disengaging, Complying, or Escalating. Each tier has multiple options in how and when to take action.

Sometimes you are forced into a tier that you do not want to be in. Proper training will ensure you handle yourself within the requirements of the law. And, more importantly, handle yourself in a way that ensures the safety of you and your loved ones.

Disengaging The Situation

If you are at a safe distance to take cover, run, or hide, this is the best option. Find a safe place to take cover and alert the police of the situation.

Even if you are an expert shot, it is not up to you to engage if you have a safe window to run and take cover. In fact, you could face criminal charges if you had a clear window to disengage and opted to engage instead.

Comply With The Attacker

In some situations, the attacker may have you cornered with no other option than to comply. As frustrating as it might be, you should hand over your keys or wallet to the attacker in hopes of being released unharmed.

People with little to no training do not have much of a choice except to comply. Even advanced concealed firearm holders will sometimes comply. The difference is that the experienced person has a choice and is making a strategic move based on their training.

Engage The Attacker

As mentioned above, if you do not have the training, your options are limited when it comes to dealing with an attacker at close range. Trying to engage with limited skills can lead to injury or worse. This is why it is extremely important to get proper training after the permit classes.

Engaging does not being drawing and discharging your firearm. Engaging includes actions such a yelling and letting the attacker know you are carrying a firearm. Depending on how the situation escalates, it may be necessary to draw your weapon.

Choosing The Best Course Of Action

In some situations, the attacker will force you into one of the tiers talked about above. With proper training, you will be able to identify early your options and take action to retain control of the situation.

Again, many of the choices come down to training. Those that put in the time practicing with professional instructors will know how to handle themselves much better than the guy who simply takes the permit class and calls it good.

Your best course of action is to disengage and find safety when possible. However, not always will you have this luxury as we mentioned above. Making the choice today to work with a professional instructor is your first step in better handling real-life situations.

What You Can Do Today

All ability levels are encouraged to pursue continued training. Whether you just got your firearm permit or go to the range every weekend, there is plenty of opportunity for continuing education.

The vast network of certified instructors gives you access to a variety of different courses to increase your comfort level in high-stress situations. Branch out and try different courses every few months to sharpen your skills and broaden your skillset. When it comes to firearm training, you can never know too much.

If you feel you have mastered firearm education, consider becoming an instructor to share your knowledge with new concealed carry cardholders. There are lots of different certification courses that teach you how to teach others about firearm training.

Taking the time to read about making the right choices when you are under attack is a great first step in becoming more proficient with a firearm and how to deal with unpredictable situations. The most important aspect of the 3 Tier Self Defense Decision process is to be prepared. Sign up for a training course today or talk to a training center about becoming an instructor.

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