The Government is Tracking Where Your Guns Are

anti-gun-control-rallyOk…so maybe not so much. I received this email the other day and wanted to share the question and my response.

Jeremy,  I have asked several of my friends and family to take part in this training with me.  However, they feel this is a way for the government to further track where the guns are and who has them.  I would like to hear your rebuttal to this question, both professionally and personally.

Thank you


My response….


I’ve heard that concern before, but there is no registration of any gun in the state of Louisiana.  You are free to privately buy and sell firearms as you please within the state of Louisiana.  So taking the class to have a permit to carry concealed doesn’t necessarily mean you even own a gun, it simply means that you are authorized to carry one concealed should you wish to obtain one.

At NO time in any CHP class do we record your firearm’s serial number, and even if we did there is no state registry to enter it into if we wanted to.  Shoot, you can take the class using my handgun and never even show me yours!

Furthermore, I am a constitutionalist.  I don’t like that you have to obtain a permit to carry concealed, but until that law is changed I will continue to teach this class so that law abiding citizens can carry a handgun to protect themselves without running the risk of being punished for exercising what I believe is a right guaranteed to us by the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

If there ever comes a time that the federal government wants to collect firearms from its citizenry, there will be hell to pay.  You and your family can stand behind me because if they think they are taking a firearm from me or any other law abiding citizen then they will have a fight on their hands.  I swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and that is that.

Practically every service member that I served with, and every law enforcement officer that I have taught or trained, all say there is NO way that they will obey an unlawful order to collect firearms and that they will fight anyone who attempts to do so.

Even if they agreed to, do you really think that soldiers and law enforcement officers who would tasked with disarming their neighbors would even consider doing it knowing that they could only do a few raids per day, but each night they must sleep right there in their homes with their families among the very people that will get back up the next day and attempt to disarm?  Heck no!  There is no way they put their lives and the family’s lives at risk by trying to carry out such an order.

I would say if you wish to carry a concealed handgun then obtain your permit and do not run the risk of being caught carrying illegally, especially since just having a permit does not necessarily even mean that you own a gun.

Now that I have shared my opinions with you, what do you think about it all?

Jeremy Haas
Founder – ARCS Self Defense

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