The Wrong Concealed Carry/CHP Instructor Can Get You Killed

It’s amazing to me that anyone would attend a concealed carry class taught by a hobbyist!

What do I mean by that?

All that’s required to teach a Louisiana conceal carry course is that the instructor passed the NRA Basic Pistol Instructor course, submit a basic lesson plan to the state and then they are certified by the state to teach CHP classes.

  • Do they have to be a professional? Nope.
  • Is there any verification that they actually know and understand the laws? Nope.
  • Do they need to know about the many different types of handguns and ammunition? Nope.

Scary isn’t it? You bet it is!

The story below illustrates the point much better than I can.

Gun Range Instructor Accidentally Shoots Man During Training

LIVONIA, Mich. — Police are investigating a Detroit-area gun range instructor following a shooting that left a man injured, CBS Detroit reports.

Livonia Police Capt. Robert Nencarini says the 44-year-old man was conducting a concealed pistol license (CPL) class at the Firearms Exchange in Livonia on Saturday when the accident happened.

“I’m not sure what he was demonstrating,” Nencarini said, “but he pulled his handgun out of his holster and aimed it at a door and fired a round, which ended up going through the door.”

The bullet struck a 39-year-old Detroit man in a classroom next door in the legs, going through one thigh and lodging in the other.

Nencarini told CBS station WWJ-AM that the instructor was supposed to be teaching students what not to do.

“I’m assuming he thought his gun was unloaded,” Nencarini said. “But you can never be too safe and you have to check and recheck before you squeeze the trigger on a gun …They sure got an eye-opener in that class.”

Nencarini said the prosecutor is now mulling over a warrant request, with the most likely charge being a negligent discharge of a firearm.

The instructor’s name is being withheld pending an arraignment and was not arrested.

So…before you run out to get your conceal carry permit please do a little research on the instructor(s) teaching the class.

  • Do they have any real experience dealing with the state laws?
  • What type of professional credentials do they have?
  • What do they know about State AND Federal Use of Force Law?
  • Have they ever had to use a gun to defend themselves?
  • Are they truly experts or are they just teaching for a little extra cash on the side?

Whether you’re getting your permit for the first time or renewing for the 5th time, it’s absolutely critical that you choose the right instructor.

Choosing the Best CHP Instruction can mean the difference between life and death….prison or freedom.

Make sure you choose wisely!

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